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Creative Arts Psychotherapy workshops

Kent Creative Arts Therapy have partnered with a number of cultural and creative venues. We deliver one off workshops that include engaging with gallery or museum collections followed by creative explorations of personal responses. Workshops could be based on a theme or client group. 


We believe that supporting people to access psychological treatment, cultural spaces and the arts, has a positive impact on self esteem, wellbeing and recovery.


We are able to tailor on off workshops to your specific project. 

Creative Arts Psychotherapy groups

Within a containing therapeutic relationship, art making, dramatherapy techniques and reflective process will be delivered by Arts Therapists who draw on theoretical frameworks including psychodynamic, humanistic, attachment and person-centred approaches. A peaceful, creative milieu will be created in which active engagement can create connections self and others. Exploration in the context of individual journeys, emotional wellbeing and optimising recovery will be encouraged. 


Development of therapeutic group process means that participant are able to explore personal theme or problems over time. Arts Psychotherapy groups are confidential and aim to  help participants:

  • understand themselves better
  • promote recovery
  • foster connectedness
  • sustain positive relationships with self and others
  • encourage independence and empowerment
  • inspire creativity

Individual Art Psychotherapy or Dramatherapy 

We offer individual Art Psychotherapy or Dramatherapy for those who prefer to work with a psychotherapist on a one to one basis. 

Clinical supervision, reflective practice and Critical Incident Debriefs 

We are qualified and experienced clinical supervisors and can offer individual or group supervision for qualified or trainee therapists. 


We can offer reflective practice for staff groups. Reflective practice involves conscious effort to look at a situation with an awareness of own beliefs, values, and practice enabling staff to learn from experiences, incorporate that learning in improving outcomes. 


Organisational Critical Incident Debrief following a serious incident. We use trauma informed framework to support those who have been affected by a serious insident at work. 

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Ezme Le Feuvre

Art Psychotherapist 

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