What is Creative Arts Therapy?

KCAT incorporate a combination of Art Psychotherapy and Dramatherapy in to their Creative Arts Psychotherapy approach. It is a flexible form of psychotherapy that can successfully address a wide range of difficulties.  With in an non judgmental therapeutic relationship meaningful creative engagement is encourage as a part of the healing process.


Previous experience or expertise in art is not necessary to be able to use the process. Creative Arts Psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for psychological struggles resulting from emotional, psychological or physical trauma or ill health. 


Creative Arts Psychotherapy can accommodate people with long term conditions to prevent relapse and people who need support to prevent crisis.

Further information can be found on the British Association of Art Therapy (BAAT) and British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) websites, listed below.

our philosophy

Kent Creative Arts Therapy is a small and emerging community interest company that aims to improve access to high quality Creative Arts Therapies. 

We believe that the arts are integral to every day life and enhance psychological and emotional wellbeing.  The arts effectively enhance the way in which we communicate our understating of ourselves, each other and the word around us. 

We see social inclusion as integral to our company’s values and seek to challenge stigma and break down barriers to treatment. 

Ezme Le Feuvre

Art Psychotherapist 

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